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Bowling for Deities at Memory Lanes, Mpls

Note: If you show up late you may have to wait to join us for the second (or maybe third, if you’re really late) game.

It’s now official: our bowling Meetup has found the right hook, strikes the right note, and spares no puns. Judging by the great time everyone has whenever we do it, Bowling for Deities is a MNA Meetup favorite. Each bowler chooses the god or goddess of his or her choice, appeals to said imaginary being, and finds out whether their particular deity rewards them with the best score. You can choose any god or goddess you like, but must be specific (“god” is just too vague).

Our venue is Memory Lanes, a fun and funky bowling haven in the heart of Minneapolis. Most of us usually plan on getting three games in before retiring to the fabulous Flashback Cafe and Cocktail Lounge for a late lunch. Cost is just under $5 per game and $3.50 for shoe rental, but a valid college I.D. saves you a buck fifty per game and another dollar on shoes. For more bowling info:


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