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Day of Reason: Humanist Advocacy in Today’s Political Climate @ Secular Saturday

Join us for a singular Online Secular Saturday session with special guest and secular organizer, Sarah Levin, to commemorate the National Day of Reason.

As many humanist groups celebrate the rapid growth of religiously unaffiliated Americans, many are contending with the problem of “aging out” internally and struggle to capture the new generation of nonreligious people. How can humanists continue to advance humanist values and ensure the long-term sustainability of humanist communities?

Sarah Levin and Secular Strategies will delve into the challenges and opportunities for growth in humanist communities. She will discuss how intersectional approaches to advocacy driven by humanist values can ensure that the humanist community adapts and thrives in today’s rapidly changing political climate.

The presentation will be followed with ample time for Q & A,. And at 4:30, we will wrap up the afternoon with social time together to chat informally and get acquainted.

Sarah M. Levin is the founder of Secular Strategies, a consulting firm that is pioneering the mobilization of secularist voters and empowering policymakers, lawmakers, and change-makers to be effective champions of secularism in the United States.

Sarah worked for the Secular Coalition for America from 2013–2019 in various roles, including Director of Grassroots and Community Programs and Director of Governmental Affairs.

In 2016, Sarah facilitated the establishment of the first ever Secular Caucus in the Texas Democratic Party and worked with secular Democrats to get three secular policy resolutions incorporated into the party’s platform. She proudly represents the secular community as a Co-Chair on the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) Interfaith Council. Sarah helped to pass a resolution at the DNC in 2019 that expressly welcomes religiously-unaffiliated voters into the party, recognizing their values and historic marginalization.