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Humanist Chaplaincy in Inter-belief Settings @ ONLINE Secular Saturday

Join HumanistsMN member, Brigid Galvin, to learn about her current experience as a humanist hospital chaplain-in-training. She works with people from across all belief systems, not just atheist or agnostic, as well as participates in the multi-belief Spiritual Health Department at the University of Minnesota hospital.

Brigid will discuss why she chose to become a hospital chaplain and describe what the work has been like – especially during this year of COVID. In her work, Brigid focuses on what all humans need, connection. Connection to themselves, to each other, and to the earth. She sees her role as chaplain as being a piece of conductive material for whatever love patients and their families believe exists in the universe and helps make that love present in the room. Come learn about hospital chaplaincy work and how Brigid is making a place for humanists in it.

The presentation and discussion will be from 3:00—4:30. Afterwards, grab your own beverage and a snack for a virtual social time with other Secular Saturday attendees.

Brigid is currently in residency as a Humanist-endorsed Hospital Chaplain and working towards her board certification as a professional chaplain.

This event is sponsored by HumanistsMN. If you are not already a member, please consider joining to help us cover our costs and build the humanist movement. Sign up at humanistsmn.org.