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M.A.S.H! Wednesdays (Mn Atheists Social Hour!)

Are you feeling SWAMPed? And you STILL can’t overcome the feeling that you’re missing time with others. Maybe you’re a bit TENTative about meeting other Atheists. Perhaps you’d like to ask PIERCEing questions or just shoot some BS or BJ or KP. Do you have a HAWKEYE for details? It’s all CAMPy fun and ‘JEEP entertainment. COT your attention?

To answer some PRE-OP’s, this is just for visiting O.R. perhaps filling a void – no ENLISTMENT necessary (well, maybe a Meetup RSVP). Fill your CANTEEN with some G.I. JOE or other favorite SWILL and NURSE it along for an hour. Go ahead, saunter up to the fuBAR and give your ORDERS (though no one is listening, just like in real life). You can enter RECOVERY later.

While some might share PRIVATE stories with a COLONEL of truth, most will be of the GENERAL kind, with some MAJOR variations – none requiring CORPORAL pun-ishment. Whether you CAPTAIN your own SHIP OUT of harbors or maybe you’re a KLINGER-on’er, what passes by HOT LIPS stays here. If you’re a POTTER or a TRAPPER – set your hobby aside for a bit. We can’t all make it to PADRE Island but we can talk about our favorite escapes. Come and hear what others are doing lately – what’s on your RADAR?.

So as to not be COURT-MARTIALED – Dis’ Claimer: This event has NOTHING to do with “M.A.S.H.” – the book or movie or TV show. Any association is completely incidental and does not reflect the views of our sponsors. This is a NON-COMMISSIONED plug for MN Atheists.

IN-COMING around 5:30 PM, every Wednesday; with occasional AWOL’s.