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Mayday for Humanity

Your invited to celebrate The National Day of Reason with a Zoom entertainment extravaganza entitled Mayday for Humanity. It’s being put on by the Freethought Society, Recovering From Religion, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Secular Student Alliance and the Secular Coalition for America.

Comedians Leighann Lord and Ian Harris will co-host this 3-hour event. They will usher in an array of comedians, poets, and musical performers. The National Day of Reason falls on the same date of the National Day of Prayer. As the religious community prays, the nontheist community will be taking action! During the National Day of Reason Mayday for Humanity event we will be collecting online donations to benefit homeless shelters and food banks selected by the event co-sponsors. All beneficiary organizations operate in a non-discriminatory and secular manner.

The program will be interspersed with messages from co-sponsors, celebrity supporters, and people who are conducting grassroots community service projects during the 2021 Secular Week of Action (April 30 – May 9). An online auction will also take place with items donated by Zenos Frudakis, Ann Druyan, Curt Anderson, the Humanists Society of Santa Barbara and many others.

Register for the Zoom event at: bit.ly/Join4Humanity
Pre-event donations can be made at: bit.ly/MAYDAY4HUMANITY.
You can also donate via text! Just text the code:

Below is the list of performers and guest appearances:
Ty Barnett
Sandra Booker
Baba Brinkman
John Davidson
Ann Druyan
John Fugelsang
Victor Harris
Jon Huertas
Keith Lowell Jensen
John de Lancie
Hemant Mehta
Shelley Segal
Gary Stockdale
Penn & Teller
Jill Sobule
Julia Sweeney
Voices of Reason