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THINK! Book Club: Kenneth R. Miller, “The Human Instinct,” Session #2

Continuing with our discussion of “The Human Instinct” by Kenneth R. Miller, this session will cover Chapters 4 and 5. Chapter 4 focuses on evolutionary explanations of human behavior, being especially concerned with evolutionary psychology–an important but controversial academic discipline that has emerged over the past several decades– and its predecessor, sociobiology. Our major interest will be in the question: To what extent and in what ways can human behavior be explained in terms of our evolutionary origins? Chapter 5 talks more generally about human thinking, including the mind/brain relationship and how our thinking compares to that of other animals.

If you’re interested in a more extensive discussion of evolutionary psychology, especially from a philosophical perspective, take a look at this article: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/evolutionary-psychology/

But again, it’s not necessary for you to have read this article or the Miller chapters or to have attended the previous session for you to join in, learn from, contribute to, and enjoy our discussion.

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