Everyone’s Autonomous

During the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast from 2015-2019, we shared our stories of religious trauma and the pain of deconversion.

When that podcast went on a hiatus, a beautiful child was born: Everyone’s Autonomous by Marie D’Elephant. She picks up the discussion by talking with guests and subject matter experts about how we can begin to move forward after having processed our toxic religious upbringings.

How do we regain autonomy over our minds and bodies, AND respect the autonomy of others? How do we rejoin the human race and participate in this chaotic experiment of existence?

Photo of Marie D'Elephant

Marie D'Elephant

Marie was raised in an evangelical household in Minnesota, USA. She began to have doubts at the age of 13 but due to the indoctrination she received about her heart being a wicked and deceitful thing, she gaslit herself and didn't pursue her doubts. She doubled down again and again to prove herself to god, resulting in her serving as an evangelical missionary in Mexico for two years with Youth With a Mission. After leaving Mexico, she began a gradual deconstruction and departure from her faith. Her life after that shift has not been easy. There has been a lot of unpacking to do and a recalibration of what actually IS. True to her self, she does it with passion, authenticity, and unapologetically.