Bibles & Beer

Bibles & Beer

A podcast by Rev. Dr. David Breeden & Rev. Wendy Jerome, Bibles & Beer explores readings from the Hebrew and Christian scriptures that make up the Bible. 

We’ll cover some Christian basics and explore the Bible’s themes, contradictions, and curiosities. Talking snakes! Balaam’s ass! Crumbling infrastructure! The Bible has it all. (And the beer is optional. Water, manna, unleavened bread – the snacks are up to you.)

The New Revised Standard Version is the best biblical translation, available in full online here

Join them live Wednesday nights at 7PM CST or watch/listen to episodes later on Youtube or your favorite podcast site!

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Rev. Wendy Jerome

Rev. Wendy Jerome is a life-long FUS member.

Photo of David Breeden

Rev. Dr. David Breeden

Rev. Dr. David Breeden is Senior Minister at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. David has an MFA in poetry from the Writers Workshop at the University of Iowa, a PhD from the Center for Writers at the University of Southern Mississippi, and a Masters of Divinity from Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago. David serves on the board of the UU Humanist Association and is chair of the Education Committee of the American Humanist Association. He regularly blogs on Humanism. David has published poetry, novels, and theology. Many of his books are available for purchase.