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Keep Liv'n

Keep Liv’n with Jé Exodus Hooper is a show that hosts many guests and makes you feel many things… in your head, heart, and body! 

Every week, you can join Jé and a friend for some ethics, art, sexiness, culture, and mindfulness.

Join them live Tuesday & Thursday nights at 8PM EST / 7PM CST or watch/listen to episodes later on Youtube or your favorite podcast site!

Keep Liv'n w/ Jé Exodus Hooper
Keep Liv'n w/ Jé Exodus Hooper
Jé Exodus Hooper
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Je Exodus Hooper

An educator of 10 years, in the inner-city schools of New York City, Washington D.C and Baltimore, Maryland; Jé was challenged by the prevalent divide the black and brown community still faced in spite of their solidarity in culture. Much of my planning was dedicated to incorporating unconventional schools of thought—expeditionary learning, performance studies, singing chants, and a developed self-esteem by creating a micro-community that was capable of advocating their own needs. The art room became a sacred space for visual arts and united tools for self-expression, actualizing and affirming their experiences. Later returned to Pratt Institute and completed a Masters of Professional studies in Arts and Cultural Management. In conjunction with this program, I observed the trends of arts programming within educational and arts institutions—all suffering from recession. This engagement raised new questions and directions of further inquiry that now informs my theological and sacred arts pursuit. Recently, completed my Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Interfaith and Interreligious Engagement at Union Theological Seminary. Attended Union ignited my dedication to human development and advocating for the arts to affirm identity, spirituality, and morality. The examination of theoretical and practical responses of prominent theologians in regards to art and faith including issues of the numinous, inspired me to wrestle with arts, faith, and social justice, specifically as peacebuilding. Authentically immersing myself in the interreligious dialogue, last year I was ordained as an Interfaith minister through New Seminary, a practicum based program through which I hold my license. I now serve as a voluntary Associate Director of the Interfaith Temple, an intern of Middle Collegiate Church as the Minister of Education, and on the Interfaith Council with the United Nations.