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Keep Liv’n 02.17 | Wonder Work’n Woman Power: Olivia Busby


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How ya doing tonight, if you were not here last week with myself and Miss Gemynii and Mama Rose, please make sure you go to them back and to see last Tuesday show. And tonight, we have something wonderful for you. We have Olivia Busbee and she is a Aphro clairvoyant poet, and she will be here to give you tonight’s meditation. Hello, Miss Olivia. Hi. Hi, everyone. All right. I just want to let everyone know Miss Olivia value is very low. So if you have any background noise, make sure that you kind of tone it down so you can hear her very well. OK, and that is all for me. And I will let you take it over.

Hi, everyone. My name is Olivia Busby. I am a really great friend of Jay’s. We met at Ohio University and tonight I am here to do a communal tarot conversation with you all. So I’m going to start talking about myself. I’m not good at discovering myself. I really don’t know how to do it. But we’ll start with we’ll start with uncontrollable creator, poet, student. I am rooted in the body in the natural world, a clairvoyant and healer, Hank, Carolann, Brian Erikka, everyone. Hi. And so I think I want to start by saying I’m going to be very casual with this is my first time doing anything like this. And I just wanted to be upfront and vulnerable about that. And let’s take it slow and just have a conversation. I want to start with libations so that we can honor our ancestors, honor those who have come before us and honor those who have honor those who are what we are comprised of. Thank you. Thank you.

So so, yeah, I want to begin with honoring ancestors, but I want to adopt a kind of like Alexis. Pawling, Gumbs. She wrote a book called Dubh and she writes poems, kind of channel poems. And I wanted to share two of the poems so that we can expand our definition of ancestors.

The theme for this month for Women’s History Month is Wonder Working Women. And so I want to expand the definition of ancestors and women to anybody who is a woman who has moved through womanhood in any type of form of womanhood, non womanhood.

But however, we have relationship to that identity in those people. I want us to take a moment to honor them. So, Alexis, polling Gumbs has two poems in her book, Dubh, that I want to share. The first one is the poems are written as almost like written to us like and these ancestors are speaking to us. She expands her definition of ancestors to human ancestors, the people who are in our blood, our family, as well as non-human ancestors, the people who are enslaved and weren’t human or whales and coral. And she has one poem that talks about the people who dreamed of the ocean. And I think I wanted to include Alexis because we are talking about Wunder and the idea of looking for something like this. Wonder of like opening your eyes to something. And I think we can open our eyes to all of all of that, all of what we are, if we can expand our definition of all of what made us. And so I will begin with Alexis. We would like it if you wrote us poems. We would like it if you wrote us life long life sentences. We would like it if you broke sentences and gave us more life than you or we were told could be contained. We would like it if you remained. We would like it if you showed up every day.

We would like it if you drink water. We would love it if you would turn off your phone. We would sincerely appreciate it if you would stop pretending to be alone. And so with that, I’m going to pull out with libations. It’s usually I have a cup of rice and some water. And so as we do the light as I I’m going to read another poem by Alexis Poing Gums. And while I’m doing that, you can think of. And or write or say out loud a name of an ancestor and feel free to open that up to the coral in the whales and whatever you want, whatever makes you you, whatever has made you you. And so as I read this next poem, I’m going to be I’m going to pour this is the cup. Carolyn made me this cup and I love it. So thank you, Carolyn. Carolyn made this cup and I’m going to pour into this cup as I read the poem. And then you all can either write or you can say in names. Yeah. So let’s take a moment of silence. I want to say and honor our ancestors. I want to honor all that has made us us. I want to honor the ones we know, the ancestors that we know and want to honor the ancestors that we don’t know.

I want to honor the ancestors that are with us in this space because this is a space. I want to take a moment for everyone to just marvel and wonder at all of the moments and the energy and the choices and all the times people got out of bed, all the times that there was a connection made or something shared and how all of those moments accumulate to your existence right now and how you are also involved in doing that for someone else. And so remember that as I pause and read this poem. Right, we promise to wake you up. If we think you won’t get to the point of the dream, we promise to show up. If you show up every day, we promise to make you feel sick when you lie to yourself. We promise to let love through if it’s love you came to do. We promise to make time flexible. If you give us all your time, we promise to think of you more often than you think of us. We promise to remember you when you forget. We promise to be wherever and in everything you haven’t noticed yet. We promise to be we even one by one. We promise to outsmart your mind. We promise to over love your heart. We promise to echo over your voice.

We promise you everything, everything. All we ask and I shake. And so I was thinking about the idea of wonder working women and thinking about what wonder is and how wonder is the desire to be. It’s the desire to be curious, to know something to. And so I think about these women who are working with wonder, working with, working with and on the desire to know, you know what? I just forgot something. Yes. Thank you, Jane. I just forgot something in the libations. I want to go back and I’m a little nervous, so I forgot how to do this. It’s OK. We can go back. We can always go back. But I want to name names for International Women’s Day and for the tragedy that just happened in Atlanta where the Asian women were murdered. And so I want to share these names as well. Brianna Taylor and Tatiana Jefferson, Charlena Lyall’s, Corey Gaines, India Craker, Sandra Bland, Alexia Christian, Meira Hall, Meggan Hockaday, Natasha McKenna, and to the six women who were the six women and the eight people who were murdered, we honor all that means you, you and honor all that made us us to make it so that people can live in to all of them and not be fearful of termination, assassination and so rachet for them.

So, yeah, as we as we work with wonder and the desire to know, I was thinking about what is it that we need to know if we’re working with the desire to know, what are we trying to know, what is what is this knowing that we’re working towards, what is this wonder leaving. Where is this wonder leading us was my question. And I think that’s going to be the question. For our tarot reading tonight, and so I want to explain tarot, because I know a lot of people can be a little fearful of what it is and just not knowing exactly what it is. So tarot card romance is working with cards, tarot cards. There’s seventy eight cards in a deck I and a simple way on a simple level, I describe it as using. It’s like psychology using colors, numbers, elements, symbols, astrology, animals using images, the symbology using this. There’s a sequence of the story. When you put the cards out and there’s a sequence of the cards, even there’s a story to how the cards are structured in the deck. And so I think of it as storytelling. I think of it as when you go to a psychologist and they give you like a if you you seem like they give like ink blur to this ink stained and they say, what do you see in it? I think of tarot like that. It’s it’s a way to use archetypes and images to connect with your subconscious and conscious and unconscious and find meaning for yourself.

That’s on one hand, I think at a very basic level, that’s what tarot can be if you’re a little iffy about it and that’s all the power you have to give it. If you are into tarot and understand it can be more than that, then let’s do it. And because it can be a powerful tool for self reflection. But I am that deeply into storytelling and I just I’m interested in the meaning we make from stories. So I’m going to pick three cards. And I would really, really, really love if I pick these cards and all. I want this to be a conversation. I would like a lot of comments as I pull cards, like give comments. What is it?

What are you thinking? When are you feeling what’s your body doing really. Like share with me because I want to bounce off of you all so that this can be a communal thing. I don’t I’m not an expert. I’m not sitting here as an expert. I’m just going to make some meaning in these images. And I hope you can join me.

So when I ask for clear hearing, crystal clear, knowing, clear feeling, clear intuition, clear intentions, clear message. And so I’m going to pick three cards.

I enjoy the process even when I don’t, because sometimes I don’t even want I don’t enjoy the process. And anyone who knows me, no, I don’t enjoy the process and I’m impatient, but I don’t enjoy the process. I find the process important. And so as I’m doing tomorrow, I’m not going to predict anything. I’m completely going to I like to describe my process throughout so that other people can find any meaning in the make meaning I’m making out loud go.

Ok, all right, so the question is, where is our wunder leaving us? My answer was to drive and I also will be using a book I have. But those the first card is the five of blades and then little Steph, three coins and the Chondra. And I know that means nothing, but right now, give me a minute. So the five oblates five is a number of change. The blades is a number of blades. Is mental energy in the in the suite. It’s er it’s er energy and and the first thing that I that came from this I will show the picture, it is upside down. This is the dust to annex tarot deck by Courtney Alexander. But the five of blades, a change in mental energy, a shift in mental energy. And I, and I and I think of this as this is a warrior, looks like a warrior, someone who is preparing for battle. And I’ve been saying this for a while, like I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. There has to be a A or where our wonder is leading us to.

I’ve been saying this, I wonder is leading us to freedom. And in this space, in this country, freedom was always tied to insanity, draped Romania was the psychosis that enslaved people had if they were trying to run away. And so I’ve been thinking a lot about how do we how do we find we’re finding a freedom that can look like insanity. And so this first car just makes me think of the shift in mentality, the shift and the shift and change that has to come in the mental to to recognize the limit, the limitations around us. And I think that that’s going to take a change of mentality to see how even our freedom or even our freedom we’re looking for is has to be deconstructed because we’re looking for our freedom that looks calm and it fits in and in it. And it obeys. And it’s it’s polite and it’s yeah, it’s it’s sane and and it’s sane and sane. Slave stayed in slavery.

And so I think, you know what I’m like. I think the first car that just pulled out to me the need to have a shift in mentality. Yeah. And I and so the card is about the part of the book that stood out to me. It’s possible that you are a person. It’s possible that you are a person responsible for the strife and need to lay down your pride and take responsibility for your own mistakes. This conflict and negativity can lead to victimization, humiliation and ultimately a hit to your own self-esteem. This can also be a good sign that despite what has happened, your name is set to be cleared and the truth can come forward. And so, yeah, yeah, I think we need to.

And this is a scenario astrologer Dana Lenz was talking about. She talks about decolonizing the survival instinct and we’re going to survive. We have to go crazy. We have to shift our mentality to not thinking that our sanity is is not are just checking to make sure our sanity is not just obedience.

The next card is little stuff. I said I was going to pick three cards before I popped out, so that’s all. But. Yellow staff is the energy of fire combined with her, if you can see staff is the fire element. And the these people, these are called court cards and they are personality archetypes and little staff is all about liberation, vigor, innovation, pure potential passion and arousal, the seed of spirit. So little staff is earth and and fire, a fire being passion. And the book talks this car to earth and fire at the core, at the core of the planet, create a form of iron. And so it’s about. Yeah, like the core of pure potential in second life. So this car is talking about a ignition of spirit, the liberation we experience when we move beyond external limits and choose to live our best life, most authentic life. I think I was in a class and we were reading about Serena Williams and how many times when she’s on and she’s on the Thames and she’s like got gotten visibly upset and like curse people out or any time you see something like that happen and it’s like, oh, they’re they’re crazy. They’re like acting out of the norm there. Something’s wrong with them. And I think and being that like and shifting that mentality, it shifts the you start to see things differently. And when you start to see things differently, there’s it’s like there’s grief that happens. There’s grief that happens because the possibilities of what could be. And I think if we can transmute the grief and the insanity, we can. Yeah. Tap into a spark into that that spark of pure potential and passion. And the erotic is how I would think of it in quotes and in using. Audrey Lord, so, yeah, I think that’s that for that card, after I go through each card, I’m going to talk about the whole the whole picture. But the three of coins, the three of coins is coins is Earth energy. And so this is this is a card about. Exactly. Exactly.

I think one one thing I heard recently was that that really changed my life, was that and just because things are intense doesn’t mean that they’re bad. And I think especially going up in them and like the Midwest and white culture, we’re very trying to think that intensity like things that cause your body to erupt and something is like a bad thing and that we should all be because, you know, the body holds so much and it holds so much memory. And you don’t you know, there’s the the triggering of that can honestly lead to insanity, but you can trigger that that memory when you when you see, like, saw women yelling or when you see when you see people going like a when you see this insanity coming out. Yeah. We we automatically deem it to be bad because it brings memory to us. We start to remember, oh, I’m in a body that holds history and I have to hold that body in a space with other people who hold history in their bodies. And yet we try very hard to stay away from that insanity, to keep that memory repressed, to make sure our society is running well for those who it runs well for.

So they of coins is about the work, the planning, the expertize, diligence, approval and community because it’s free. Yeah, community. I can’t. I can’t. I’m trying to make this short, but community community I’ve seen firsthand like the destruction that happens when we don’t have community and when we have and when we have especially thinking about the when we have community and we’re all going insane and we’re all holding trauma.

Yeah, I’m just thinking about how that we how we can hold all community in that insanity.

And but this this card is when I think about the wonder, where’s our wonder leading us? It’s leading us to this. Like for me, this whole world is reading so far has been about the self reliance, like not relying on not relying on other people to tell you how you’re supposed to be feeling, not relying on. Exactly. It’s and it’s I think a community is one of the most important things.

But I also believe that community is inevitable on an energetic level. Like you can talk science like we’re not alone. We are not ever going to be isolated or not affected or affecting. And we try so hard, even even just thinking about Alexis pulling guns, those who thought of the people, the people, the the ancestors who thought of the ocean, that connection is leading and leads back to this moment. Right now, there is an interconnection. I and I think the AH wonder will always lead us there, because when we’ve seen in the past year how how the health care system, the education system, we can no longer truly rely on them.

Some of us couldn’t rely on them, period, but more and more if we’re less able to rely on them. I think this community card is is about like resources. It’s about gathering resources. And the greatest resource you can have are the people in your life, because at the end of the day, dental. I want to keep talking about the people’s oracle. She’s a sidereal astrologer. If you can find her on anything, the people’s oracle she talks about like she was I was listening to a talk she had and she was talking about how, like, you’re your boss is not in your is not you’re not surviving with your boss.

You’re not surviving with even your classmate. You’re like you, I think where it’s leading us to think about who are we vibing with, like who’s invested in our survival. We have this card also just thinking about the roles that we have in COMMUN. Knowing what your role is and community, I believe my role a friend was, you know, there’s a people who, you know, we all have different roles. And I think we have to think about what is our role in community, how if you are in what you like, what are you what are your skills, what are your talents outside of institutions and outside of what truly thinking about in your close group of people. What do you bring to that group? And how can you continue to to keep to maintain that role? Because I think we’re going to have to be very honest about I think we’re going to be very honest. I’m going to have to be very honest about the fact that to be honest about I don’t know, like trying to find words.

Maybe I should be one of them later. The last card is the Condra, one of my favorite cards. It’s the first card in the major kind of zero, but this is the second one. Number one, the condor. The Condra in the is usually the normal. Dex’s called the magician in the magician is all about creativity. And this is another thing I’ve been thinking and talking about and actually and hearing from people a lot, because the first words of this book is just like a child not yet tainted by worldly experience or expectation. The Condra retains the wonder and excitement of the emerging one. And I’ve been thinking a lot about children because I’ve been acting very childish and on one hand, not a great thing to act childish. On the other hand, I highly respect children and their wonder like perfect, perfect. Coming back to the point, the OK, summing up this, OK, that’s what I was getting to. I think we’re going to really have to. This has brought me back to my point. I think we’re going to really have to be honest about the fact that we have to engage with people like they are the hurt children that they are that they’re holding because. Yeah, and I just think about, like, the insanity that we’re going to have to find, the creativity, the vision, the wonder we’re going to have to have and find this and and discover the patients that we should have for children because people aren’t patient with children anyway. But I think that was the first thing that came from the conjuror was this like childlike wonder of like looking at the world literally. And the card has infinity glasses.

The person is wearing glasses in the shape of infinity, being able to see because you can have all the wonder and you can be looking for all the things. But if you if you are looking if we’re looking for an insanity that looks like capitalism, if we’re looking for a sanity that looks like getting up and going to the, you know, going to work and talking to your coworkers just like the and not that that’s a bad thing.

But when we’re looking for a wonder and we’re and we’re seeing or we’re speaking about this new normal that’s coming or acting as if as if this card is about personal will and responsibility, creating your own reality, and not to create your own reality because because you exist in that reality alone. It’s like it’s a creation and you have a condom, the condom. The magician takes all of the resources that they have, all the elements, the directions, the vision and the building blocks, the energy, the atoms and molecules, the laws of nature, the doctrine, the all the little elements that make up reality, that make up our lives, putting in merging those together and doing something with them. I don’t know what time I meant. Let me know what time I’m in. But yeah, this overall this reading is it makes it’s making more and more sense. Thank you. Yeah. The shift in mentality, the spark that has to come, the desire like you have to in some ways. I don’t know if this is this isn’t in any order. These cars are in order, but. I would say that sometimes there’s the the spark that moves into this insanity, or sometimes it might be the insanity that goes into the spark, but I think that this this reading is our wonder is leading us to somewhere that is completely unknown. And just this is just my own like theory. But on an animal level, this whole entire human species was threatened this year, last year. And I think that has to push us in animal level somewhere else. And we are talking about wonder working women. And I think working wonder takes a lot of it takes the insanity.

It takes the shifting your mind to really question everything that we’re being told because we’re being recognizing your enemy and how your enemy is not your enemy might not be people, but ideas and ways of thinking and being and being a community, allowing that insanity to spark something in you to say that may be intense and may be like really forceful.

It may be like making relationships that don’t feel comfortable, but having to determine whether that comfort is a is an actual danger, a memory danger, an actual real present danger or a I’m moving out of my comfort zone type of discomfort. And and with that, recognizing that we’re not alone, that we have resources and our first resources, our bodies, our first resources are the people around us and gathering resources for that. And I personally believe our one of our greatest resources is our vision, being able to see it, being able to see possibilities that might not be there. And yeah, the the infinity of the glass is being able to, like, look in those glasses and be like a child that just walked into the world and is like fascinated by things. And I think in that walking and that looks like it will look like insanity, I think are wonderful leading us to the insanity of driving the, um, thank you all for being here with me tonight. I had it was a great time. I appreciate appreciate you all staying with me. And I appreciate you, Jay, for asking me to be here. And have a good night, everyone. My name’s Olivia Busby. Claiborne’s.